Increasing your photography market share

Every business thinks on how to get the most out of the marketplace. The business is shrinking if your turnover decreases or does not change every year. Most businesses pick up sales wherever possible, this may be effective at first but it is unable to sustain for a long period of time. There are a few strategic options to be able to sell more of your product, increasing customer service and maintaining your customers. Want case studies? Check out this pretty cool house cleaning service that is defying expectations. 

One of the few ways to do so is to know your own customers. You must first know who are your customers are, what and why they buy, where else they buy from, who else can buy from you and how they buy before attempting to sell your product. Customers tend to change their minds very constantly; they may buy from you now and not necessarily buy from you again within a few months’ time. Therefore, having predicted future developments and providing facilities which other businesses do not provide will further increase your market share.

You should also sell more of your own products to the more existing customers. Making new customers could sometimes be a pain; therefore once you know why your existing customers buy from you, you can determine more ways to make them buy more frequently. If you have information on when your customer usually buys your product, do contact them beforehand. To ensure customers retention, you could once in a while add a little service which is useful for your customers. Promoting or encouraging customers to buy a premium product which meets their needs is, you could promote “buy one free one”.

Does all of the above make sense? Go home and start considering how all of that actually applies to a proper photography business! Good luck.

Getting things to fall the right way in business

Today I want to talk about writing a business plan for your photography business.

A business plan is similar to a book with instructions. It aids to lead to a profitable and successful business. If you are trying to set up a business without a plan, the business will be none other than a complete disaster.

Why is a business plan an important tool or asset? If you seek outside funding from a financial institution you would need a business plan. It is important to stay on track, therefore the business plan is there to help you in doing so. You can use it as a reference or a tool to help you reevaluate your plans. It can also help you recruit individuals with key talents to improve your business. It also determines whether your business is feasible.

There are formal and informal business plans. If you are fond towards funding, you require a formal business plan with approximately ten to thirty pages. Trust me, it may seem a lot but it’s not. This formal business plan typically requires an even more substantial financial section. An informal business plan does not require to follow the traditional business outline.

There are a few choices when starting to write your business plan. I would actually suggest in doing this business on your own, at least for the first draft. Without doing so you would lose the insight and knowledge you may get during this research phase. If you are seeking outside funding, then outside is where you should seek. This would ensure you receive more chances in getting more funding. No matter if you decide to do so or not, try to recruit other people to have a review on your final document.

Getting things done the right way is super easy – don’t want to go about leaking juice!

Photography 101

In this tutorial I hope to teach you absolutely everything I can about professional photography, well, at least as much as I think you can learn from this.

Now. There are many techniques you need to learn when it comes to building a professional portfolio of pictures. Hopefully you get all the things you need to run a proper business the right way – get it right the first time.

I was in the back of a limousine the other day (cheers so much to Melbourne Limo Hire!) and noticed a couple of tourists using their shiny DSLRs the wrong way. That made me kinda irritated, although it really had absolutely nothing to do with me.

Now that you have your digital camera (really, any sort of camera could do), take it out of the box and test out your first couple of shots. Hopefully you get the basics down. Just read the instructions, or look up the necessary skills on the internet if you need extra help.

Let’s clear things up. If you need to set up some of the settings, just use full automatic. Honestly. Nobody will ever notice. If it will produce great shots most of the time, you should be good to go. Now if you have the proper tools to run your business, you will be fine.

If you are taking all these pictures to get all the light coming in. That’s the good news and you don’t have to worry about things being perfect. Some of the key goal need to be exposed. Don’t worry about things being perfect the first time, because it never happens. Get the exposure and the color right. Hopefully that helps you out. Contrast it over time and you’ll get a proper beating. So set the camera on full auto and just keep on reading the things you will do so well in.

They put up all the things in the middle of the frame and this will get you a lot of real estate all over the picture. If you do things the right way you will fill the subject instead of the background. Another common rookie mistake most people make is that when shooting people, they do not realize that their heads are always cocked to the side. This isn’t good. I hope you get to enjoy the benefits of this tutorial, so keep that in mind!

People can be extremely reluctant f you take a picture and don’t shoot it the right way. If upright is the best way to go, do that. If you want to do things horizontally, that’s good too.

Under very bright circumstances, you can often blur the lines a little and get away by being sneaky with your pictures. It is extremely important to hold the camera the right way. Hopefully this makes a valid point and makes sense.

The very last point I wan to make – taking pictures is pretty much a numbers game. The more you take, the better chance you have of finding a solid one. If you do the right thing you will do well. If you learn how to say no to the ugly photos (don’t worry we all take clankers from time to time) you will end up getting a proper job and being the right person to do things. Hopefully all of this makes sense! Let me know if you need help.

First of all, learn how to hold your camera securely, frame the picture, compose the shot in a particular way so that you don’t bore people to death.

Are Limousines The Best Photos To Be Taken?

I don’t trust limousines, and for good reason. Why do I say this?

Its because limousines are shiny. Like for real. It messes with my photos, them shiny limos. I had a friend once, who wanted me to look up limousines and sort them out the right way. I said no, because that would require all sorts of different kinds of filters and powers and businesses that don’t really mean much in the long run, I reckon.

Anyway, where was I and what was I doing all this while?

Hmm. Oh, right. Photography.

young business people at the lunch restaurant

Just launched a brand new service today! For only 20 bucks I’d do a portrait of you, 6 inch by 6 inch in black and white, send it over to you so that you’ll always look pretty and young.

Imagine this, 20 years from now you’d want to be able to look at something and go ‘gee, that’s an awesome service, wonder how much will development cost me at all? I don’t fully know all the details just yet, but you have to realize how important all of tis is for business.

I can’t wait to tear up my day job and do this marketing and entrepreneur thing a reality.

Hopefully running the business the way I’m running it right now will help me out long term. All I want to do right now is get things going without worrying about money, without worrying about making ends meet and finding the right solutions to paying rent.

Anyway. Where was I. Right. Limousines. I really worry about anyone who wants a picture taken of a limousine anyway. I mean, think about it. What the hell do limousines need business for? Like, the hell?

Wouldn’t it be much easier if you have all the businesses tidied up in the beginning? Renting a limousine to a wedding is one thing, but if you have procurement functions in place you’d be fine. Says the consultant. Whoop.

Special Ideas For Photography

Welcome to my brand new photography blog! I’m so stoked that you are here. Allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Paula and I’m a photographer by trade. I have been doing this since I was 16 with a cheap camera, taking pictures of what I can and uploading it to all forms of social media. Now I have the opportunity to do exactly what I love and get paid for it. I cannot be any happier than I am today. I truly am living the American dream! My parents who are immigrants here from communist China can agree to that. I have hustled my way to the top of the industry I am today and I’m so lucky to be here today. I cannot thank you enough.

My favorite things to take pictures of, include nature. I love animals and will do pretty much anything to get a good shot of nature at its finest. This is something I’ve always looked to work towards but to no avail, simply because it is extremely difficult to get things done around here without the necessary pressure required. I’ve taken hikes to exotic locations all over the globe just to get proper shots, such as Tahiti, Casablanca and the deep jungles of Rio. Exploring exotic locations and taking quality photos is something I can truly relate to, and I love what I do for a living.

If anybody wants professional photography done, I am the person you are looking for, providing you live in the NY area. I can do family portraits, baby photos, printing, weddings and much much more. I have gotten countless references from my ex-clients and they all have favorable things to say about me and my business. I am proud of what I do to keep my dream alive.

I was inspired by professional bloggers such as Ray Higdon and the MLM Fastlane when it came to building up my business. I had started blog previously, but could not get anywhere with traffic and lead generation. Now I’m taking one new swing at this thing, and the Empower Network is going a long way at helping me do so. I feel proud of myself and am extremely happy with the amount of work that we have put out here so far.

Let’s look at some of the things that have happened recently with me. I got offered a free lance photography contract at the Age, a small business owner manual for all things and I do monthly pieces for them. My day job is as an editor at the NY Times and that pays the bills for now until I can truly figure out how to get where I want to go real fast – which is a full time photographer.

I really hope to have the support of all of you, because it will mean the world to me if this baby takes off to greater heights. Hopefully you see the potential in me, and thanks for all your support. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

God bless.